Tools & Support


On the E&P sector, LO&G employs its PEER and CARE evaluation tools. These are company tools to evaluate hydrocarbon potentials at local and regional scale. PEER is designed for prospect evaluation & economic rating, whilst CARE provides company aligned regional evaluations.

Tools Employed by LO&G

PEER integrates probabilistically arrived at potentials and risk assessments.

CARE Plot addressing opportunities for particular Europe and gas oriented Company

CARE renders assistance relative to the evaluation of basin and/or country potentials. In particular it honors company strategies in the assessment of basin and country opportunities by bringing together company needs and country/basin characteristics, such as yet-to-find volumes.

In the projects carried out and in employing PEER and CARE, LO&G use up-to-date software. This is particularly related with data base preparation, data processing and concerns all successive steps in interpretation and evaluation.


To achieve and to maintain high standards and quality both in consultancy and report preparation, LO&G have established cooperation and partnership with

  • major contractors in E&P
  • local experts in E&P
  • renowned specialists from academia

Partnerships are of essence particularly in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. In Latvia, LO&G partnered with a major contractor, in Albania LO&G cooperate with local experts (C. Durmishi et al.) and so does LO&G in Greece, cooperating as appropriate with A. Zelilidis of Patras University and his group (see One of the specialists LO&G cooperates with is Professor R. Swennen of Leuven University, expert on evaluation of reservoirs and their diagenesis ( with whom LO&G joined forces, covering a carbonate project.