Expertise & Experience

The LO&G consultancy addresses requirements of oil & gas companies, of utility companies and of the energy-oriented industry, and complies with respective demands from governmental institutions. The company services, reflecting special regional experience and thematic expertise, comprise in particular:

  • exclusive project evaluations as requested by companies
  • non-exclusive studies, mainly assessments of E&P License Round offers
  • advice to government authorities covering the entire spectrum of E&P issues

The LO&G fields of expertise are in particular:

  • E&P project evaluations
  • Gas storage assessments
  • Gas Shale project proposals
  • CBM project reviews
  • Geothermal project assessments
  • Non-Hydrocarbon Gas project evaluations

CBM Potential Assessment

In E&P, the company expertise covers both the generation of prospects, e.g. in License Round offers, and the critical review of existing projects, e.g. in portfolio assessments. Regarding gas shale project proposals, LO&G specialises on the assessment of the geological-technical suitability of source rocks for gas production. In CBM, the expertise is focused on yield assessments, derived from modeling of the interaction of maturity levels, temperatures and pressures. As for non-hydrocarbon gas projects, LO&G deals with both the search for noble gases and the issue of CO2 sequestration, particularly relative to utilization in EOR.

The LO&G regions of experience are mainly:

  • Western Europe
  • East Central Europe
  • The Circum-Mediterranean
  • The Near East

Additionally, specific experience relative to other regions is offered, reflecting the knowledge of individual members of LO&G Consultants, such as the Sub-Andean Region of Latin America.