History & Profile

The company was founded in the mid-nineteen nineties when investigations were initiated by a group of explorationists who had targeted particular exploration areas and plays of Northwestern Germany.

Schaumburg-Lippe Wealden Sandstone

The explorationists' investigations resulted in proposals to the oil industry to revisit the Schaumburg-Lippe and Lippe Counties for identified oil and gas opportunities. This, together with the fact that concomitant contractual work was related with a CBM project of the general area along the Lippe river north of the Ruhr Mining District, eventually gave birth to the company name.

In a further step, the group members had broadened targets and scopes of their activities. Their fields of experience prompted the group members to focus on the E&P of Western and Eastern Europe and on the Circum-Mediterranean region. Albania, at the cross-roads of both regions, became the first target in this respect.

At the turn of the century, the group expanded the spectrum of activities, coping with changed and increased industry demands. In terms of organization, the group also initiated changes, and since 2004 LO&G Consultants members act as a group of E&P experts under the umbrella of a GmbH, i.e. a limited liability company.

The services of the group hitherto address E&P, CBM and Shale Gas projects, gas storage and sequestration projects, and the LO&G offer comprises related studies, as required by the energy-oriented industry.